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Amazon Brand Store Launch

Creative content is one of the biggest ways to establish your brand equity and promote shopper loyalty on Amazon. Amazon Stores is a free self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multi-page stores to showcase their brands, products, and value proposition on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Store?

An Amazon Stores is a free premium content offer on Amazon that vendors can use to exclusively showcase a curated collection of products and elevate their brand.

These stores provide an enhanced brand-centric shopping experience on Amazon on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Amazon Stores elevate the shopping experience by:

  • Capitalizing on internal and external traffic sources
  • Potential to boost organic ranking on Amazon and increase sales volume
  • Ability to promote new products to preexisting customers
  • Opportunity to introduce your brand to new audiences
  • Giving users a better mobile experience with your brand on Amazon

Amazon Stores give brands the ability to maintain their brand identity on the world’s largest online marketplace. All of those benefits alone are enough reason to invest in Amazon Stores.

But on an even bigger scale, more brands are excited about Stores because this means they no longer have to worry about losing their brand identity in a competitive online marketplace.

How to Open an Amazon Storefront (And Start Selling)

With more than one million small-to-midsized businesses selling on Amazon, your company needs to stand out from the competition. Opening an Amazon storefront, also called an Amazon Store, can set your brand apart from competitors, as well as build trust with shoppers. If you’re curious about how to open an Amazon storefront, keep reading because this guide covers how to create an Amazon Store. It also answers the biggest questions that brands have about launching an Amazon Store, like how much it costs to start one, in a handy FAQ. Get started on the nine steps to building your Amazon Store now! Or, if you’re looking for professional help creating, designing, and marketing your storefront, contact WebFX. With more than 20 years of experience and a client retention rate of 91%, we’re a trusted choice for launching and managing Amazon Stores. Give us a ring today!

The Benefits of Amazon Brand Stores

You won’t make it as a third-party seller on Amazon if you aren’t chasing growth and planning to take your business to the next level. To get your products noticed in an overcrowded market, you’ll have to explore different ways of advertising, both paid and free, and probably invent your own strategies.
The good news is that Amazon is far more supportive of third-party sellers. The tech giant recently invested more $15 billion to develop 225 tools and services to help small- and medium-sized businesses sell more effectively. With all these opportunities at hand, this battle for new leads is well worth fighting.

So what are the benefits?

  • More options to enhance your brand image, which builds an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Ability to update content and messaging as part of your seasonal and promo campaign.
  • Increased number of repeat purchases and improved overall customer satisfaction.
  • Effective Amazon advertising campaigns. According to Amazon, linking your Sponsored Brand ads to
  • Stores instead of product pages is likely to boost RoAS by as much as 22%.
  • Improved discoverability of your Amazon brand store with the help of brand logos and small banners on product detail pages.
  • Ability to drive traffic and leads from external sources and capitalize on that.
  • Potential to obtain higher ranks in Amazon’s organic search results.
  • Better user experience across mobile and desktop.

At WebFX, our Amazon agency provides you with a dedicated marketing and advertising team.

Partnering with our award-winning team allows you to take advantage of marketing and advertising on Amazon, without taking your focus away from the other parts of running your business.

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