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Amazon Ads Management

Amazon is the world’s largest shopping site and has an unbelievably effective advertising platform which any business must utilize.

Amazon allows companies to advertise their products in several places on The results our Amazon Ads clients have been able to capture are astounding and the most profitable as compared to any other paid advertising campaign.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Advertising on Amazon is much like advertising on Google Ads. When you type in a keyword in the Amazon search box and results appear, some of the top results are always sponsored posts that are considered Amazon Ads.

Amazon’s advertising platform is essentially seen as the Amazon version of Google Ads. Amazon ads can also appear on individual product pages.


What is the need of an Amazon advertising campaign?

Shoppers on Amazon looking at various product ads are already there to make a purchase One of the most challenging aspects of online advertising is knowing when and where to advertise to potential customers with the intention of buying your products. Since most of the potential customers are already on Amazon, that happens to be the largest shopping site, it is a great idea to be showcasing your products to interested buyers in a visually appealing manner.

Types of Amazon Ads:

Here are some of the advertising options available to you!

Sponsored Ads

Ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages that direct customers to your product detail page or Store. These types of advertisements are called sponsored ads.

Sponsored ads have a lot of benefits to them as they:

You Only Pay for Performance: You’re not charged until a customer clicks your ad, and the final control is always in your hands.

Create Stability: Amazon will suggest keywords to bid on that will help you target your audience.

Allow You to See Insights: Monitor ad performance and optimize to drive results by changing keywords or adjusting bids as needed.

Display Ads

Display ads use relevant audiences, customizable creatives, and actionable insights to deliver your message to the right customers on Amazon sites, apps, devices, and third-party sites. You can either manage campaigns yourself or work with their team of experts.

Display ads have the following benefits:

Reach: Reach customers on or off Amazon, on desktop, mobile, or a range of Amazon devices—whether or not you sell on Amazon.

Flexibility: Deliver memorable brand moments and inspire customers to take action through a variety of creative formats and storytelling vehicles.

Relevant Audiences: Reach your ideal audience using insights based on first-party shopping behaviours.

Headline Search Ads: Headline search ads display in the search result pages as headline banner ads always above the result listing.

Video Ads

Video ads empower you to tell stories and make emotional connections with customers throughout their decision journeys. Our team helps you reach your ideal audience in brand-safe environments and measure the results of your video campaigns. Your advertisements will appear not only on the Amazon shopping platforms, but on other amazon- associated platforms as well.

Here are a few benefits of video marketing:

Brand Awareness: videos are always more attractive than static ads. Engage your audience in high definition.

Relevant Reach: Go beyond traditional TV ads to share your brand message with relevant customers in the many places they consume content.

Why use our company to manage Amazon Ads?

We’ve managed to turn Amazon ads into one of the most profitable advertising channels for all of our clients.
Our clients have consistently seen significant results from the campaigns we’ve crafted on Amazon. Visit our office or contact our team today to get the best assistance with your advertising.

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