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What is advertising?

Advertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service. The advertising industry is made of companies that advertise, agencies that create the advertisements, media that carries the ads, and a host of people like us handling copy editing, visualization, brand managing, researching, and designing who take the last mile to our customers to offer the best of our services.

Advertising is the most effective medium to portray new lines of brands in front of multiple people. Digi- media force is your one-stop solution for addressing complete advertising services. From branding the product to advertise it among prospective clients, you can count on us.

Digi- media force is one of the best advertising agencies in Gurgaon, with specialization towards design, branding, marketing, photography and other digital marketing services. The main purpose of our team is to concentrate on creating the best advertisement routine for your business to flourish.

What Are the 4 Types of Advertising?

While there are many different “types” of advertising, the following four categories cover a vast majority of all digital advertisements.

1. Display Advertising

Display advertising is also referred to as banner advertising. It is a type of advertising that is composed of small digital billboards or banners that are placed in and around blog posts, keyword search pages, websites, etc. Display ads can be both unmoving images or animated. Display ads are a great way of showing off brand identity. They’re usually very visual with very little text to make them more interesting, and are ideal for health and wellness products that don’t require an in-depth disclaimer in the ad.

2. Video Advertising

Video ads are the most popular advertising types in today’s digital marketing environment. Video advertisements are eye-catching, entertaining, and great for telling a complex story that a display ad is unable to do. Instream ads are ads that are relevant to the content that the consumer is already watching. An outstream video ad is a video ad that is integrated into an article or blog post.

3. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is quickly becoming the new favourite as more people are consuming online content through their mobile devices than ever before. Mobile advertising is, simply, ads that are optimized for mobile consumption. Mobile ads are quite broad and generally include video, app, display, search, or social ads. For most businesses, video-based mobile ads are a great place to start.

4. Native Advertising

This form of advertising is simple advertisement content that is integrated into an interesting piece of content. They are considered “non-disruptive” ads and usually come in the form of sponsored content. These ads will match the style and flow of the content it appears in without being pushy or compulsive. Native ads are ads that are just slipped into content in a way that is not disruptive and more attractive to consumers. They can come in the form of blog posts, videos, photos, etc.

In this hardcore competitive market, you cannot deny that investing money on a reliable advertising company is a clever idea from your side. Therefore, we would like to invite you to come and join hands with our team for some help that you will never forget. Digi – media force is here to help.

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